Personal loan offer

At HDFC Bank, we understand your every need. Be it a family holiday to a dream destination, weddings, owning the latest gadgets or home renovation, trust us to offer you unmatched benefits.
Applying for a personal loan is now so much easier and trouble-free
Avail attractive Interest Rates
Hassle-free Loans – No Guarantor / Security / Collateral required
Repay with easy EMIs
Borrow up to Rs 15,00,000 for any purpose, depending on your requirements
Customer Privilege:
Avail of Credit Shield which insures the principle out standing of your loan.

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Small business loans

Getting finance can be a major problem for small business owners, as the bank will only lend if they are confident that they the loan will be repaid. If the business model is not proven this can be a major challenge. Hence small business owners have to be innovative in searching for finance sources, especially if the business is not established . Usually personal savings, friends and family members are the main source of finance for small business owners, however, there are many online sources of finance.

In the indian internet sector, the personal savings of domain investors, experienced webmasters are often stolen by government officials for unspecified reasons, allegedly instigated by large corporates to make the small business owner agree to identity theft. So though a small business owner starting an online business in India, may have adequate savings, they may disappear overnight, causing a lot of financial problems for the small business owner and the government officials who steal the savings are not accountable under RTI.

In India
Indian Angel network

Abroad some of the websites are

It a very cruel and dishonest cheap way to exploit and destroy a small business owner in the indian internet sector, the government officials get a salary from the government, yet they steal the savings of a small business owner and waste the hard earned money on every person who makes false accusations against the business owner, without any proof, thus encouraging people to make false accusations and ruin the reputation of the online business owner.

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