Entire family harassed on Whatsapp because one member has taken loans

One of the reasons the domain investor does not use Whatsapp is because many people are complaining of obscene messages. Though people do not admit it, reading messages on whatsapp will take some time. To deny the domain investor, the income and opportunities she deserved, she was criminally defamed using manipulated photos, videos which the government blindly believed and now it has become a major problem all over india
This post from reddit confirms the extent of the problem, how apps on the smartphones create problems for many people

Obscene messages sent by “Loan department” on WhatsApp
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A lot of trouble is going on with my sibling as he’s taken loans and what not from I don’t know where.. loan apps or whatever the fuck… past few months have been hell for my family. I don’t know what the hell is going on. Even one guy was talking trash to my father some months ago. Loan shark probably.

Today i received this obscene long message with the name, number, address, bank account and dirty things about mother, sister and father. It’s really disgusting. You can imagine. I received it. My whole family received it. I know my sibling is at fault here for not paying money as he has also received legal notices before.for other payments. Today the message I received, said for not paying 8000 rs as today is the last date. The sender seems really an idiot sending message in an illiterate way. Truecaller says the number is from Bihar. WhatsApp title says “Loan Department”.

I want to know if I can do anything. Should I report it or what? My sibling is totally f**ked as he always think of suicide putting the whole family in trouble. I am really concern about me and my family’s safety now.

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