Where did greedy lazy Goan GSB fraud riddhi get money for investing

The shameless fraud powerful top officials in Google, tata, paypal, ntro, r&AW, cbi are promoting the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi, falsely claiming that she is a domain investor, Paypal account holder in Goa and giving the gsb fraud great powers, and allegedly a job in R&AW. They also diverted all the phone calls, smses of the real domain investor who actually controls the domain names , a single woman obc engineer to the GSB fraud riddhi, so that riddhi can impersonate the obc engineer,run an extortion racket and demand a bribe from anyone who will try to contact the obc engineer
Now an open question to all these fraud powerful officials rewarding the Goan gsb fraud riddhi, with great powers, where did their darling gsb fraud riddhi get the money to invest in domain name
the mediocre lazy greedy gsb fraud riddhi has almost work experience, almost no savings.
then how did the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi get the money to invest in domain names?
It becomes increasingly obvious that the goan gsb fraud riddhi did not invest a single paisa in domain names, as she has no source of income
Then why does the shameless goan gsb fraud riddhi falsely claim to be the domain investor when she does not spend a single paisa on domain names?
why are the goan fraud riddhi, her friends and family not honest and openly admit that she does not invest money in domain names, that the obc engineer is the domain name investor.
Do they think that they can easily exploit the obc engineer without being questioned and get great powers, at her expense?
For how long does the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi expect to exploit the engineer.

Financial fraud of lazy greedy goan gsb fraud lead thief Riddhi

Goa had to borrow money from the centre again, because of the financial illiteracy of top officials in the state who promote the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud and lead thief riddhi as a investor when the lazy greedy goan GSB fraud riddhi has no legal source of income, like most greedy lazy gsb women , the goodlooking gsb fraud riddhi has no professional degree, no work experience, and no money saved to invest

Just because shamless powerful fraud officials in Google, tata, CBI, R&AW are infatuated with the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi they think that their complete lies, promoting the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud riddhi will not be exposed, why should the real domain investor and Paypal account tolerate the defamation.

An open challenge to the shameless powerfuil powerful fraud officials in Google, tata, CBI, R&AW to prove that the Brahmin lazy greedy gsb fraud riddhi has legitimate source of income to invest, Just because some crooked tata officials would make indrani mukherjea look like a saint are spreading complete fake rumors, it does not make the fraud riddhi an investor, paypal account holder or engineer

Defaming a brilliant hardworking obc engineer without proof, does not make the crooked lazy greedy GOAN GSB FRAUD RIDDHI a domain investor overnight, does the fraud riddhi and her associates have the courage to defend their financial fraud openly

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Government employees are major money lenders in Karnataka

In India a government job is very lucrative, because they get a fixed income every month from the state, with the additional bonus that they can demand and get bribes, waste indian tax payer money without being questioned and do not have to work very hard. For private sector, a business should make a profit and the employee should work hard, else they will lose their job.

The media/business paper Economic Times reported that in Karnataka, most of the loans to villagers are given by government employees like teachers as other professionals, small business owners and farmers find it difficult to make their ends meet, as they made losses. The government employees charge interest of 24% to upto 100% depending on the person they are lending to. The survey was conducted across many villages, yet the government employees remained anonymous and could not be identified.
This amount is higher than the 16% specified by the Karnataka Money lenders act.
Many farmers and poor people unable to repay the debt or loans they have taken, have died

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Goa’s debt trap could be avoided

The debt trap in Goa is not entirely due to natural factors which cannot be controlled, it is due to the extremely cruel, corrupt, dishonest and greedy top intelligence and security agency officials. Instead of letting a small business owner work during the day, they are relentless in stalking and attacking her causing the most terrible human rights abuses out of hatred and greed. It appears that the officials attacking the harmless engineer, have no other work during the day. The government should redeploy them them instead of allowing to waste their time during the day commiting human rights abuses rt

These shameless cruel dishonest men falsely claim that the lazy greedy mediocre goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, bsc obc sunaina, brahmin and other cheaters like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, veena, ruchika, asmita patel are online exporters when these pampered fraud women cannot even operate the bank account of the export business these shameless fraud officials claim that the pampered lazy greedy cheaters own.

Just because the goan call girls have sex with top officials and cheaters are well connected, when will powerful officials learn to be honest and realize that they are not the exporters who contribute to the economy. When the powerful officials learn to be a little patriotic and allow harmless civilians to work peacefully at home and elsewhere without being ruthlessly attacked, causing great pain . It will stop the wastage of tax payer money for personal hatred and gain, and also help the local economy as more money will be available for spending.

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