How shameless fraud greedy goan gsb officials are responsible for goa's debt

Goa has the largest per capita debt in India because the shameless criminal fraud goan gsb cheater and brahmin officials led by nayak, hathwar, kodancha, caro, mandrekar have been given great powers.
When the lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan gsb fraud R&AW/CBI employees diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, housewife riddhi nayak, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar were too mediocre and lazy to answer JEE and work as engineers why are the fraud top officials in goa falsely claiming that brahmin frauds have a btech 1993 ee degree to give these section 420 shameless brahmin frauds great powers and a monthly government salary
When goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi is only interested in hugging and kissing many men, not in doing any work online or investing any money online in domain names , why are her fraud lovers , relatives and friends especially caro, nayak, mandrekar duping people that siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb kissing, sex expert is an online expert . Domain investors worldwide are aware of the fact that goan gsb fraud siddhi has got the R&AW job only for having sex with powerful men, why falsely claim that the goan gsb call girl owns the domain names of another indian citizen. Similarly goan gsb fraud cbi employee riddhi nayak is least interested in doing any work online.,

Why are the most powerful officials in goa, blatant and shameless liars, making completely fake claims about domain ownership, online expertise, to destroy the reputation of online business owners, and promote sex workers, call girls and other frauds

Specifications, design of laptop monitors

Since corporates like google, tata have allegedly hired ntro and other government officials as contract killers to slowly murder domain investors, paypal account holders with microwave radiation weapons, these paypal account holders find that their laptops are the worst affected by the high power microwave weapons unleashed by the contract killer government employees. The displays of laptops are getting damaged very quickly and the poor domain investors are forced to purchase external monitors repeatedly to work on computers. More information on specifications, design of laptop monitors for reference by monitor buyer

Finalizing a property deal

While it is convenient to check property sales online depending on the photos, it is more difficult to get quick directions to reach the property, to check the actual condition, if the deal is being negotiated online. In addition to online methods of promoting, selling and renting property, it is also possible to get information about property and real estate deals available by visiting property fairs and trade shows. There are some websites which have a trade expo log online , for property buyers who wish to discuss the deal with the property seller, builder personally and get the matters clarified.

Demonetization to cover bank NPA losses

The indian intelligence agencies are largely responsible for the bank NPA losses, as they openly favor certain business groups, wasting tax payer money and behave as if the increasing the profit of the group is a matter of national interest. Because these intelligence officials, especially CBI was not professional and competent enough to warn the mainly public sector banks about the large business groups, who became wilful defaulters later, though they lead a lavish lifestyle like vijay mallya, the banks were making huge losses.
Now the indian government has to manage the losses of the public sector banks, and demonetization appeared to be the easiest way to make some quick money. The biggest gainers are the public sector banks who have found that their deposits have increased rapidly and can offer a low interest rate to their depositors. After 2009, the intelligence and security agencies were involved in major impersonation/identity theft frauds, especially on professionals, small business owners,stealing their retirement savings without a court order or legally valid reason like the domain investor.
so people lost faith in the banking and financial system, realizing that it was very difficult for an indian citizen to fight the powerful indian intelligence and security agencies who wasted tax payer money to destroy the life, finances and reputation of harmless citizens for personal gain and to increase the profit of specific corporates who bribed these officials. As a result in the last few years, people are realizing that all banking transactions can be closely tracked, so they are preferring to deal in cash which the indian government will find difficult to track.
The government also probably realized this, so to force people to return the money to the bank, they have demonetized indian currency, People will lose faith in the currency for a long time, and the rupee has crashed against the dollar, official rate Rs 68/dollar, actual exchange rate in goa Rs 100 per dollar

Official Open discrimination against ugly women in indian internet sector

The indian internet sector is the worst in the world as top officials will shamelessly abuse their power to defame, cheat and exploit women who are not good looking enough. The shameless cunning fraud tata, google, ntro, cbi officials will compare the house and looks of the domain investor with housewives, sex workers and other frauds while the cunning fraud tata,google, ntro, cbi officials will conveniently forget that their housewife, sex worker and other fraud good looking indian intelligence employees have never made a single penny online and will never do so for the rest of their lives, yet are falsely considered to be online experts by the indian government who is wasting Rs 20000 or more monthly to pay a salary to at least 10 lazy mediocre inexperienced google, tata sponsored frauds.
Why does no one have the honesty or courage to point out this fact to the shameless cunninng section 420 fraud tata, google, cbi, ntro officials who are repeating house, looks to justify their endless atrocities, cheating, exploitation, torture of female indian domain investors as these fraud cowardly cbi, ntro, tata officials do not have the courage or honesty to face the domain investor who they are exploiting

Have You Ever Heard of Someone Running over Their Central Air System?

Our central air system was run over by a truck. I know that sounds impossible, but it’s not. My husband was loading up some tree branches he cut down in our back yard. He had a full pickup truck load he was hauling away. The only way into the back yard was between the house and the garage. It is a narrow space that also has our central air condenser unit there. He backed out the same way he pulled in and hit the AC unit. I called a place that does air conditioning installation in New York City to come out and replace the system.

It was about 15 years old anyway. It still worked, but the new ones would be more energy efficient. I kept telling my husband stuff like that to make him feel better. Continue reading Have You Ever Heard of Someone Running over Their Central Air System?

Roof Repair Contractors Based in Brooklyn

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting to have to pay money to have my roof fixed this month, but I guess that is why I have a rainy day fund. I like to call it that, but it is basically just some savings put aside for emergency expenses that are not otherwise in the budget. I found out years ago that life is too unpredictable to expect to be able to just spend what is in the budget every month. So I just called a contractor for roof repair in Brooklyn NY to see how much it is going to cost for these roof repairs.

Of course, I don’t know how much it is going to cost yet, but I got the contractor to agree to come over and take a look at my roof and give me a free quote on the repairs. I definitely wouldn’t hire anyone who did not give free quotes, because it just doesn’t seem to be a good business tactic to make people pay for quote. Continue reading Roof Repair Contractors Based in Brooklyn

Officials refuse to provide information on student loans

In a classic case of discrimination, non brahmin students studying in top engineering colleges are never informed about the operation of indian intelligence agencies. These cunning officials are falsely claiming that students who study in top colleges have a student loan , when the student has never been informed about the so called loan. If they were informed they would have chosen some other options or tried to get the matter resolved.
Instead the engineers from top colleges are subjected to cruel non consensual clinical trials causing great pain and the government would have to pay the person far more than Rs 20 lakh a year for subjecting the harmless civilian for clinical trials
At the most cost of education would be Rs 12 lakh for 4 years .
Any student loans information will be appreciated.

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Though at least 8-9 lazy greedy fraud indian government employees in intelligence agencies falsely claim to own the domain names, to get a monthly salary, none of these women are spending a single penny on domain names, Any advertising on the website which will reach the real domain investor will be appreciated.

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