Woman takes loan for stock trading course and makes losses

When gujjus cheat people no action is taken against them, while innocent citizens, investors from poorer communities, are falsely accused without any proof because the officials, leaders from the poorer comunities like goan bhandari cheater chodankar, naik do not defend them against the fake allegation. Then for slandering the bhandari investor, the government is falsely claiming that goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan, CALL GIRL relative of LIAR goan bhandari official cheater chodankar who not spend any money on domains owns this and other domains to give the goan bhandari CALL GIRL great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor. The LIAR goan bhandari official cheater chodankar is collecting massive BRIBES from gujjus, sindhi and other fraud raw/cbi employees . Posted from quora

Sarika Oswal
Sep 20

Asmita patel course is full waste of time and our hard earned money. I m Mpat student,before joining l search for reviews on her course but unfortunately couldn’t find any ,anywhere. But l request people don’t fall in her trap. She literally looted and cheated innocent public. 7lacs fees not worth. Market is not just 2day high or 2days low , it is far different from what is taught in course. I loose a lot in her strategy. All public in our batch are in loss.she provoked us for taking loan 7 lacs course+5 lacs in account. We lost all. Those who have completed small course might be praising her for few days. But after few days they will utter bad words 24×7 for her after doing her big course. Stay away from her fake success stories and course.

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Like the ankita bhandari , hotelier pulkit arya case showed usually businesses will at least have the decency to pay the call girls they supply to vip guests for their services , Yet showing how ruthless the Top indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are in CHEATING, EXPLOITING small online business owners, these greedy fraud companies are FALSELY MARKETING the goan call girls they supply to top indian government employees , who do not invest money in domains, as domain investors, online experts, to get them great powers, monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is slandered in the worst manner so that she does not get any help. Specifically in one of the biggest SEX, BRIBERY rackets in india,LIAR top indian government employees allegedly j srinivasan, puneet, tushar parekh, vijay, parmar and others are stealing all the data of a single woman engineer, the btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay of some of these government employees and falsely claiming that their lazy greedy girlfriends and associates, who do not spend time, are doing the computer work, own the domains, to get all these frauds monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor

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