I Have Found the Perfect Condo

My main consideration when I started looking at new condo developments was the condo itself. I have been to a few new condos where the development was more focused on the shared community amenities rather than the condos. I know it is important to have a nice swimming pool and a gym that is extremely modern, along with so many other features that will draw people to the development, but that cannot happen at the expense of the actual condos. When I looked at https://www.foretec.com/parc-esta-condo-redefining-luxurious-living-in-singapore, I was happy to see that this definitely did not happen with this one.

I did look at the shared amenities first, but that was just so I could get it out of the way. Most of these developments do have the swimming pools, the gyms, the lounges, and other things. I was pleased with everything I saw, but was concerned that these features were so nice that there might not have been much left over for the condos. I am so glad that I was wrong on this. There are nearly 1400 condos. They range from one bedroom units up to five bedroom apartments. I definitely don’t need one that big!

The first thing I noticed was how spacious the apartments are. The floor plans are all designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The kitchen is my favorite because of the attention that the developers have given to it, knowing that this is usually the centerpiece of a home. I also like the cabinets that are in both the kitchen area as well as both bathrooms. There has not been one detail that has not been thought out, and the end result is a comfortable and gorgeous home that anyone would be pleased with. I know that I am going to be more than pleased when I finally move in.