Ultimately only money matters

When companies want to destroy the life and reputation of a person, destroying the person financially remains their first goal. A person who is not financially strong, can be easily manipulated, cheated and exploited and will not be able to fight back. It will be difficult to hire legal help,
So the corporates are using the most sophisticated technology available in the country to terrorize the person who they wish to destroy , reading the mind, sending confusing messages, denying information, forcing the person to make mistakes. Slowly the victim of these corporates realizes that these frauds have no proof against her.
These officials hate her, and seeing her angry and poor makes them very happy, that their plan to destroy her life has succeeded. So for the victim, ignoring all allegations and working to become wealthy again, will be the greatest revenge against all those who tortured, defamed, cheated and exploited her for 5 years.