Why Indrani Mukherjea donated Rs 10 Lakh to Kolkata’s kali temple

Though Indrani Mukherjea spent most of the last decade in Mumbai, it appears that Kolkata had a far greater influence on her as she started her business and professional career there. After murdering her daughter sheena bora, she expected some trouble and had kept money aside for taking care of any problem that may have arisen, However it appeared that no one cared enough for sheena bora to investigate the matter or find out if indrani mukherjea was telling the truth.

The differences between sheena bora and indrani mukherjea were known to many people, yet most people preferred to blindly believe the false stories which indrani mukherjea made up to ensure that the matter was not investigated. Indrani mukherjea also had a very dominating and abusive nature, humiliating people, according to her husband, son and also the police officials who were investigating the matter and interrogating her. So people in general avoided getting into an argument with her or questioning her.

usually the murder or death of a person will be discovered and investigated within a week or a month of the murder/death. However when no investigation was carried out after a month, Indrani Mukherjea realized that her murder plan was successful and she donated the money to the kali temple in Kolkata as a token of her gratefulness to the deity and the city which influenced her attitude towards the world.