Human rights abuses to cause debt, financial losses in Goa

While hatred may be the reason why officials in goa are ruthless in stalking and attacking the brilliant obc bhandari engineer and domain investor for more than 3 years, the real reason for the human rights abuses is to cause financial losses, so that large corporates can destroy competition and acquire talent and technology cheaply.
Like reward and punishment will be used to train animals and children, these officials are also using the directed energy weapons to torture the bhandari obc engineer and ensure that she will not work on the computer. They are monitoring every word on the laptop, using the sophisticated NTRO equipment, even if the text file will not be saved and using it to position their directed energy weapons for attacking the obc engineer, to cause great pain.
These officials know that the obc bhandari engineer who has invested a large amount online has to work on the computer, to get good returns, so they are intentionally focussing their effort on torturing the obc engineer whenever she will work on the computer. The obc bhandari engineer, domain investor in Goa has to make a difficult choice, work on the computer and get tortured by the cruel animal like officials causing great pain, or do not work and face financial losses, debt,