Locked in a Constant State of Competition

My two sons are twins and they are best friends with each other. They pretty much do everything together, and even compete with each other. They often try to beat each other in school by striving for the highest grades. They both started taking physics, and each one believed they would be better than the other at it. When they started getting grades on their assignments, they both came home disappointed. Both of their grades were bad and neither was really doing better than the other. I had to go to https://physicstuitionsg.com to hire a tutor that would take them.

For the first time, my twin boys were humbled by their grades. They’ve always been some of the best students in the class, and some people thought they would always share answers with each other, but they both were really just that smart. Since they started performing badly in physics, no could really understand what was going on, including the boys. A lot of things come naturally to them, but I guess physics just isn’t one of those things. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t.

The boys were able to turn their grades from bad to good with the help of the tutor, and their competitive ways returned. The older twin was able to get a slightly higher grade than his brother on the next quiz, which made the younger one a little more motivated to get a higher score. On the quiz after that, the younger twin got the higher score and the older one was motivated. They’ve been going on like this for the entirety of the class, and I don’t think they’re going to ever stop. Even if they both get the same grade, one will try to outdo the other.