Being the First Tenant in a New Apartment is the Best

Have you ever had to move because of a tree? Well, a giant tree pretty much obliterated part of the house we were renting. We needed an excuse to move, and this was a get-out-of-the-lease-early card we had to play. Renter’s insurance covered losses, and no one was injured. We looked for Manassas apartments to move a little closer to where we worked. We just needed easy access without driving to a VRE station. This way we could hop a train to work every morning without having to even get in our car. Before, we would drive to a train station and then go into DC. Then there was the ride back to our car then home. We worked the same hours, so it was easy to coordinate our commute together.

Our new apartment is at the Palisades at Manassas Park in Virginia. It is really close to the VRE station. We walk to it every work day. It is very convenient. We enjoy our big apartment with the high ceilings. It is more spacious than the house we were renting. Plus, everything is new. Not renovated new but really new. The whole complex of apartment homes here at Palisades is new. It is great to get in on an opportunity like this to be the first tenant in a new apartment. New carpets that have never been soiled by a previous tenant is great. And having a toilet and other such things that have not been in use by others for years helps me with my thoughts on cleanliness.

We enjoy it here. The whole place is clean, the outdoors is landscaped very nicely, and the pool is like one you would find at a nice resort when you go on vacation. We have access to it every day with no traveling to a resort being needed.