Teaming Up for a Residence

At the end of the last semester, a classmate asked me where I was going to live next semester, and I told him that I would probably find some place on campus. He told me that he wanted to get an apartment, but didn’t have anyone to room with that could split the cost, and asked me if I wanted to room with him. Since the cost of an apartment divided by two people would be less than campus housing, I said yes. He already had some ideas about which of the apartments in Brandon he wanted to live in during the semester.

My classmate knew a lot more about the apartments that were for rent in Brandon, so we went over the ones that he had already picked and chose one that was suitable for the both of us. While were not going to school in Brandon, I live in Tennessee, and my classmate lives in California. I drive my car from Tennessee to Florida, while my classmate flies because traveling by car would take a long time. One drawback of this is that while he’s in Florida, he doesn’t have a car to drive, so he either has to get rides, use public transportation, use a ride sharing service, or pay for one of those hourly car rentals.

Before the start of the new semester, I talked to my classmate and he told me that he would arrive a little bit later than I would. Since I was the first to get to the new apartment, I picked out a bedroom, hauled in my boxes, and unpacked my things. I brought some swimming trunks with me so I could go down to the apartment complex pool and swim while getting to know some of the other people living in the building.