Call girls, brahmin cheaters, loans and lavish lifestyles

Powerful offiicials in the indian internet sector lead lavish lifestyles, patronizing call girls, brahmin cheaters and escorts, take loans and then defame, exploit and cheat hardworking, harmless , innocent obc webmasters, online exporters. They then falsely claim that the websites belong to the call girls and brahmin cheaters who they patronize to defame the real obc exporter whose retirement savings they have already stolen.
Why should the real obc domain investor, exporter, engineer not get credit for the hard earned money she has spent online, play second fiddle to mediocre lazy greedy goan call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, riddhi who have cheated and exploited her.’
Just because these officials are very powerful and want to steal her savings, resume, why should the harmless obc exporter and engineer tolerate their cheating, exploitation for the rest of her life. These officials, their friends and relatives can easily pay their loans themselves if they work hard and lead a frugal lifestyle.

However, these cunning officials want everything easy, and seem to have perfected the art of exploiting, cheating and defaming hardworking honest obc exporters and engineers, to justify looting them for the rest of their lives to earn a lot of easy money and make their relatives and friends rich and powerful . Unless the fraud of these shameless officials will be exposed, they will continue to exploit others