Breaking out of Your Shell

Right after I finished high school, I got accepted into Edinburgh on a full scholarship. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start my new journey in life. I felt like I had the whole world in my hands! Getting to college was so fun as well, my first day there I was sent to the Edinburgh student accommodation center, which was near the front office to figure out my accommodation situation. I was going to live in the dorms there and would have roommates. I had no idea that would be the best time of my life.

At first, I had no idea if I would be able to cope with roommates. I was an only child, so I had no one to bounce off of and was used to being by myself. When I moved into the dorm, one of my roommates introduced herself to me. I told her right off the bat that I had no idea how good of a roommate I would be since I was an only child. She laughed and told me “Me too!” and we bonded immediately over that. I could tell that we would be the ones that got along. However, turns out that our third roommate was also an only child.

The months after that were learning experiences for all of us. We all were so used to being alone that just seeing someone in the room sometimes made us jump, over time that got more and more normal to see someone around. The more normal it was to have people around, the more normal it got to living with other people. We started having parties, which we all agreed that we’d never normally do. We learned how to work together and all strived for the same things in our school work. We helped each other and every year we agreed to stay roommates. These were the best friends I had ever made.

The accommodation center was keen on all of us being only children. They put us together because they knew that we’d work together and figure out things that we needed to figure out. I still talk to my old college roommates and we all agreed that nothing was better than us all being together in the beginning.

Importance of Air Conditioning Installation

Even though I have lived in the northeast for all of my life, I do have to use an air conditioner in the summer because I just have never been able to deal with the heat very well. Now that I live in NYC, another problem pops up. When I lived in smaller towns it was easier to put in my air conditioner, but spaces in NYC are so small that I just don’t know how to work with it very well. This is why air conditioning installation in new york city is so important. You want someone who knows what they are doing so there would be no problems.

I think one of my biggest fears in putting in an air conditioner and having it fall to the ground, destroying someone’s property or hurting someone. Whether the chances the chances of this happening are slim or not, I still have a slight fear of it happening. In such a city that is packed tight, this is especially a big fear because there is no room between houses. Apartments are pushed together with no space. This was not a problem in my life when I lived in the country/small town, but this is not the case anymore.

My main point is that having a reliable air conditioner installation company on hand is very valuable. You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or others while putting in the AC when summertime comes around. All you have to do is just email some good company (after doing some research, of course) and you’ll be able to have your AC put in when you need it. It’s really much easier than doing it yourself which is, of course, just my opinion. The only thing I would say is just think it over because it will save you stress.

Many indian citizens targetted for identity theft in loan fraud

Since the indian and state government refuse to end the identity theft of the domain investor, she is posting the information mainly as a social service so that other victims of identity theft realize that they are not alone. This is the only source of happiness for her, This answer is copy pasted from Quora, since it may be deleted any time

My name is A. Kanti Kalyan. Several indians have names like Sita Ram, Uma Sankar etc… From my personal experience, I am suspecting some girl is using Tamil Nadu naming convention to steal my identity and potentially may be assets / some kind of loan fraud. I approached police a couple of times but of no use, they didn’t even take a complaint. A couple of times, e-commerce delivery was also signature manipulated. Because I didn’t sign, but the message says handed directly to the customer and signed by the customer. I contacted the e-commerce website customer care regarding the same and have screenshots of the chat messages. Recently some law enforcement agencies (RAW or CBI or Police) have installed some kind of spying equipment in my rented apartment. I hear these voices and they have a lot of information, so I assumed they are investigating identity theft. Spying equipment was installed about a couple of weeks or about a month ago. Initially I responded to these voices regarding my identity, but based on these voices they are corrupt law enforcement agencies. Sometimes they shout out “RAW power”, “Police power” etc… Once they even tried to blame me as a Pakistani. At which point I responded back saying maybe you are Pakistani ISI, trying to infiltrate into India by committing identity theft. And then I start hearing death threats and suggesting suicide on behalf of India out of patriotism. And they reference someone as “time”, “bad”, “hope” etc… Some kind of code names. What’s crappier is they read out things from my phone screen. So now what’s stopping these people from identity theft? I think they are certainly rogue law enforcement officials who went rogue. Obviously when I was responding to the voices I would look stupid, because I was practically talking to myself.

Is It Better to Bet or Do Sports Trading?

Betting by definition means believing and above all hoping that that particular sporting event will end in the way we have predicted. The classic punter on the betting sites bets an event without any logical criteria or without using the normal rules of money management. Make a bet for the sheer fact of doing it hoping to get it right and win.Most of the time, those who bet, however, already know not to win, but they do it driven by the pathological game that then becomes a real disease.We are against pathological gambling and against any form of gambling and we urge all users to be responsible and not to play and to turn to specialized associations that can help the “sick” person. In recent years, betting with the introduction of the betting exchange has instead become another type of financial instrument that can be used in another way to make a profit and have a different entry from this new type of activity.The classic bet is only a bet and therefore does not allow you to exit the position previously taken, but only to wait for the end of the chosen event with your fingers crossed. The bettor has no defense weapon but is a passive spectator of what will happen. He just has to wait and hope. Continue reading “Is It Better to Bet or Do Sports Trading?”

I Really Got Lucky This Weekend

I am not a real DJ, but I do it on weekends when I can find a job that pays well enough. In this case I got to do a huge party at a vacant nightclub outside of town. There were real famous people there and I am not sure why they did not hire a real name brand DJ. However it looks like they spent the entire budget on Latina escort s and a small army of really hot strippers. I ended up getting to know a lot of them, in particular this girl named Sunny. She seemed to be a real fan of my work and she seemed to be something of an expert on dance music. She asked me if I could put together a routine for her and I gave her a big grin. She made me watch her perform and I saw that she had the sort of act that must have burned up all sorts of calories. I thought that maybe she had a background in ballet, she said she had taken a lot of dance classes all her life. Continue reading “I Really Got Lucky This Weekend”

Versatility in the Stock Market

Out of all of the stocks that I’ve invested in since doing my first investment at the beginning of the year, the best AIM stocks have been the ones related to mining. I learned this with the help of some websites that I found while browsing for stock tips. Sometimes the Internet can provide some pretty crazy advice, but for the most part, it’s a good place to find a lot of useful information, especially when it comes to the stock market. Taking the information I learned about the stocks and applying them was as simple as ever.

A lot of metals are mined, but there are ones that are being used more than others. It’s easy to figure out which ones are a hot item, because of how often you can encounter them in your daily lives. Aluminum can be found in just about anything, and the same goes for copper. This was my first clue that I would need to invest in stocks for these metals. Continue reading “Versatility in the Stock Market”

Tamil Nadu ex-cricketer allegedly commits suicide due to loans

The media reported that a Tamil Nadu ex-cricketer Chandrasekhar allegedly committed suicide due to loans taken for business
This highlights the risk of taking loans, that it is often difficult to predict business conditions a few months or years later
The income of a business can decrease quickly and the business owner does not have funds to repay the loans
So it is better to remain conservative and manage the business with the funds available, india does not reward risk takers and innovators .

CCD founder VG Siddhartha allegedly commits suicide due to company debts, loans

While banks are always offering personal and other loans, repaying these loans is a major problem
Compared to 15 years ago, the harassment of government employees has greatly increased especially in the indian internet sector
It is increasingly difficult for business owners to have any kind of control over their business growth
Often if the loans are not paid, the business owner is hounded by the bank or other lenders
The tragic death of the CCD founder VG Siddhartha, allegedly due to suicide related to company debts, loans again highlighted the risk of taking loans

When the business owner has no hope for growth, they will not take loans

Business conditions, especially in goa, are so hostile, that it is almost impossible to find hardworking skilled and honest people
The government is openly encouraging, rewarding LAZY LIARS UNSKILLED FRAUDS openly involved in BANKING, REAL ESTATE FRAUD with raw/cbi salaries for their fraud, while criminally defaming, humiliating, cheating and exploiting hardworking honest skilled citizens, especially small business owners
When business conditions are so hostile, the business owner cannot hope to find any staff who they can trust, they do not even plan to hire anyone or plan for business growth
Since there is no scope for business expansion due to atrocities and fraud of government employees, especially intelligence and security agencies, business owners will not take loans

I Have Found the Perfect Condo

My main consideration when I started looking at new condo developments was the condo itself. I have been to a few new condos where the development was more focused on the shared community amenities rather than the condos. I know it is important to have a nice swimming pool and a gym that is extremely modern, along with so many other features that will draw people to the development, but that cannot happen at the expense of the actual condos. When I looked at, I was happy to see that this definitely did not happen with this one.

I did look at the shared amenities first, but that was just so I could get it out of the way. Most of these developments do have the swimming pools, the gyms, the lounges, and other things. I was pleased with everything I saw, but was concerned that these features were so nice that there might not have been much left over for the condos. I am so glad that I was wrong on this. There are nearly 1400 condos. Continue reading “I Have Found the Perfect Condo”