Restored Back to Its Original State

Last week was the big move to my new home in Singapore. Before the home, I was staying in an apartment. I had some pretty fond memories of that place and was a little sad to leave it, but it was a necessary part of my life. Upon leaving the apartment, I hired a person to do post tenancy cleaning in Singapore. I knew that after packing and moving all of my items from my apartment to my new home, I would be so tired that I wouldn’t feel like doing any cleaning. If there’s any part of moving that I would consider the worst, it’s actually cleaning.

I can handle moving boxes back and forth, but cleaning just doesn’t bring me any joy at all. Having to do such a mundane task is never fun. I don’t like having to deal with all of the chemicals needed to clean certain rooms, and the grime and just is just unappealing. Not only that, cleaning out the fridge is such a hassle. I just didn’t want to deal with that and did the best possible thing for a person in my situation. If you have the funds, then it’s obvious that you should put it to good use, and hiring someone to clean my apartment was the best use I could think of at the time.

The cleaner did a great job on my place. There were some stains and spots that I thought couldn’t even be removed from the apartment, but she found a way to do it. By the time she was done, the apartment looked like I had never been inside of it, and it smelled like a spring time dream. I should probably hire the cleaner again to come to my home and do some regular work once a week.