Dubai Loans LTD – Quick Loan Application – phishing mail?

This may be a phishing mail, has anyone else received a similar mail

Good day,

This is Dubai Loans LTD giving out loans by mail advert,We provide various types of loan, projects loan (short and long term loan,

personal loan, INVESTMENT loan BUSINESS loan MORTGAGE loan etc.) by 3% interest rate, Our loans range between 10,000.00

to 500,000,000.00 Euro with a maximum duration of 15 years.

We are interested in financing projects of large volume. The repayment period is 1-30 years + 6 months grace period.


* Your names:

* Loan Amount needed:

* Duration:

* Phone Number:


Thanks for your understanding.


Youssef Salman

Financial Advisor, Dubai Loans LTD

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