Retired GMC nurse Jeevan Kamat and sister murdered in Ponda over non-payment loan she gave


In one of the most shocking double murders in Goa, a Retired GMC nurse, Jeevan Kamat and her sister were murdered in Ponda over loan she gave to Dhuri. Dhuri was a gambler who had taken loans from a large number of people. He had persuaded Jeevan Kamat to give a loan of Rs 2.25 lakh, and had promised to repay with interest. When Dhuri could not repay the loan on time, Jeevan Kamat started asking him to repay the loan.
He had visited Jeevan Kamat’s flat in Ponda, and there was a dispute regarding non-payment of the loan,after which he killed Jeevan Kamat. When her sister came to help Jeevan Kamat, the sister was also murdered.
This shows that it is very risky for older women, to trust anyone, let anyone into the house, almost everyone will try to loot them.