cricketer Harbhajan Singh cheated of Rs 4 crore which he gave as loan to G Mahesh, files complaint

The media reported that cricketer Harbhajan Singh cheated of Rs 4 crore which he gave as loan to a Chennai based businessman G Mahesh
The report claimed that the businessman became friendly with the cricketer and requested financial help in the form of a loan in 2015.
Later one of the post dated cheques issued bounced , so he has filed a complaint with the greater chennai police, who are investigating the complaint.
In a similar manner, ntro, raw, cbi employees especially google, tata sponsored greedy gujju fraudster stock broker asmita patel had promised that she would purchase the domains in 2013. Yet 7 years later, almost no domain has been purchased, yet the fraud raw/cbi employees make fake claims of domain ownership and get monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor
The domain investor who is cheated of Rs 15 lakh annually because of the goa, karnataka, maharashtra, haryana, madhya pradesh, indian government fraud since 2010 on her, is complaining just like thousands of indians who complain on websites like consumercomplaints, complaintsboard, complaintslists after being cheated, and cricketer Harbhajan Singh who trusted G Mahesh, there is no national security or mental health issue involved, and it is time the indian government acknowledged the fact.
While the cricketer could file a complaint with the police, since police will not register complaints against ntro, raw, cbi, the domain investor is complaining online