I Really Got Lucky This Weekend

I am not a real DJ, but I do it on weekends when I can find a job that pays well enough. In this case I got to do a huge party at a vacant nightclub outside of town. There were real famous people there and I am not sure why they did not hire a real name brand DJ. However it looks like they spent the entire budget on Latina escort s and a small army of really hot strippers. I ended up getting to know a lot of them, in particular this girl named Sunny. She seemed to be a real fan of my work and she seemed to be something of an expert on dance music. She asked me if I could put together a routine for her and I gave her a big grin. She made me watch her perform and I saw that she had the sort of act that must have burned up all sorts of calories. I thought that maybe she had a background in ballet, she said she had taken a lot of dance classes all her life.

In fact she seemed to have an encyclopedic knowledge of dance and wanted to get a particular sound. I told her we would have to work on it and she gave me her number and the address of a vacant warehouse out on the edge of town. When I got there I found a whole bunch of breathtakingly beautiful girls there, probably around two dozen of them in all. All of them were entertainers. There were two other guys there, but I was not exactly displeased when I realized that they were dating one another. At any rate I set up and went to work. It became obvious that they were working on a show, something really extravagant and pure Las Vegas.

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