MSMEs with orders stolen by government employees cannot afford loans

The indian government is advertising loans extensively on the GST portal and elsewhere. However some small business owners, like the broke domain investor owning this website are least interested in taking loans, because they are getting almost no orders
This is because the online business owners find that almost all their orders are stolen by well connected government, ntro, raw, cbi employees abusing their powers to run a order theft, lucrative extortion racket
However hard the domain investor tries, despite spending a lot of time and money marketing, there are almost no orders

So why will the domain investor, invest more money in the online business, taking a loan when the well paid raw, cbi, ntro, security agency employees are allowed to steal almost all the orders without a legally valid reason after making fake allegations without any proof at all. She has observed that there are other small businesses in the locality who are also facing the same problem of no orders

When there is no scope for growth in the online business due to corporate espionage, order theft, why should the domain investor, online business owner take loan and increase the expenses, paying interest on the loan.