We All Moved to Charlotte Together

When my husband’s mother decided to move to Charlotte with us, we all knew that it would be better to just look for a two bedroom apartment that was large enough that we would not get on each other’s nerves. I knew that we would be able to find a nicer place since we were sharing the costs, but I honestly did not expect to find something as nice as CityPark View South. My mother in law is the one who found it, and it has turned out to be the perfect answer for all of us.

The reason she wanted to move with us is because my husband was getting transferred to Charlotte from our hometown of Hartford. If we were only moving an hour away, she would have stayed in Hartford. However, it would take a plane ride for her to come and see us or for us to go and visit her. She has a few good friends in the city, but they were not worth her losing daily contact with the only two family members she has. I completely understand her reasoning for wanting to move, and it helps that we get along so amazingly well too.

Our apartment is huge, and we are on opposite ends of it. Even though we get along better than any other family I have seen, we all knew that we would also need our own space. How she found us such a perfect apartment in Charlotte is beyond me, but I am glad that she did. The apartment is not only perfect, but everything we can do here is too. My mother in law loves to spend time around the pool, my husband loves to hang with his friends by the fire pit, and I enjoy working out in the fitness center.

| October 7th, 2017 | Posted in Real Estate |

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