Picking a New Utility Company Was Easy

I lived with my parents until I was 29 years old. They wanted me to be able to stay with them while I went to college. After graduating, I needed to find a job. I took on an entry level job while looking for the right one that would fit my college degree. I found the perfect place to work at in another state, and I was moving to Texas. Dad said he would help me set up with Reliant Energy in Texas and all the other businesses I needed to get set up with. I told him that I would do all of it on my own so that they would not have to worry about doing it. Not only that, but I wanted to learn as much as possible about living out in the world. I moved and did just that.

In my new state, you have a lot of choices about which companies to purchase your electricity through. Where I lived most of my life previously, we had the choice of getting our service through one company and that is it. Continue reading “Picking a New Utility Company Was Easy”

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Bank of India posted losses due to NPA

As small business owners throughout india are unable to repay the loans they have taken due to the endless persecution, the banks which lent them money are facing losses. Bank of India announced their first loss in nearly twenty years due to mounting bad debts as the borrowers could not repay the amount they had taken a loan for . It is a reflection of the extremly hostile business conditions in the country,
Honest hardworking small business owners are treated worse than criminals, unemployed people and harassed for years wasting tax payer money, to find non existent proof to defame them. Intelligence agency officials have no work other than spreading defamatory rumors to ruin the reputation of the small business owner so that they find it difficult to get local customers or suitable staff

Small business owners especially those who are not well connected are finding it difficult to survive, as they live a life of fugitive